OneKIND – App for Synchronised Meditations and Prayers.

OneKIND helps people connect and coordinate synchronised meditations and prayers on a global and local level to generate a powerful wave of positive intention and energy.

Unite and uplift the world!

Join the team of volunteers or assist with your skills, time or contacts to have this charitable project be realised sooner and better

In the light of the current health, social and economic events the world needs our unified action as never before in the time of our generation. While many people are suffering and most are isolated at their homes there are numerous initiatives inviting people to join for meditations or prayers at coordinated times across the globe.

It is scientifically proven that synchronised and group meditations have a positive effect on the surrounding community, alleviating negative social events. Read more in this article here or another one here

While there is a desire for people to unite and coordinate, it is happening largely haphazardly. There is no convenient way to know who else is meditating/praying and whether there is a sufficient amount of people participating to create the necessary impact. OneKIND app is the technology to enable just that – to see how many fellow souls are meditating with you and where are they, so you can have a sense of unity, connection, purpose and impact.

Set the intention to direct all the benefits of your meditation/prayer for the improvement of the state of world. For now – to heal the world from the pandemic. When that will pass – for anything else that will be the highest priority at the time.


Join the WHOLE WORLD for synchronised meditation/prayer sessions once a month each:
* one date for a unified session at the same time globally;
* another date for Eastern and for Western hemisphere


Join people in YOUR TIME ZONE every day at 20:20 during year 2020, even if for 10 minutes. Log into the app and see how many people are joining in. Listen to guided meditations or live streams from different spiritual leaders across the world or meditate/pray in your personal way.


Image the whole country uniting to focus on a single cause!
Post your suggestions that you think could benefit the whole society and vote for causes that you believe are important at that time.
Regularly join the nation to generate a powerful coherence wave towards the chosen intention.


Want to coordinate meditations/prayers for another cause or your spiritual community or a group of friends? Want to invite people to send healing to your dear and loved ones in the times of need? Create public or private sessions or join existing initiatives that inspire you!

Get in touch with us

Please write to us if you can help or would like to hear when the app is released.

We are looking for more people who have any skills in these fields:
* app development
* web development / WordPress
* charities (legal and Admin aspects);
* marketing and advertising
* social media management
* PR
* copywriting
* graphic design;
* video editing
* YouTube channel management
* and most importantly – someone with knowledge or desire to learn and manage knowledge about the scientific evidence of the positive social effects of group meditations.

Contribute time, ideas, contacts and influence:
* anyone who would like to contribute their time and ideas
* community leaders who could contribute and coordinate this in their circles once it launches
* influencers
* hosts and leaders for guided meditations / prayers / healing
* advisers, mentors
* speakers
* public people
* if you simply like the idea and want to help – JUST GET IN TOUCH, even if you don’t find yourself matching anything on the lists above

The project is intended to run entirely on voluntary time involvement, but we are looking for sponsors and donations to support with administrative costs, please get in touch if you can contribute.

Please get in touch with Alex on +44 7516 355 090 or

Peace, Love and Light!